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Murbe Boxers & Boarding Kennels
The Fisher Family
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Murbe- Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our history at Murbe Kennels.  We have made a lot of
recent changes to help streamline our operations and continue to provide your pet or show dog
with unparalleled care and attention.
The future at Murbe looks very bright with some
exciting up and coming young dogs currently competing
for their championships.

We are very excited to welcome Diana to the Fisher
Family upon their marriage in October of 2013! She has
been crucial in our breeding program with the addition
of Great Danes, and continuing on our Boxer breedings
at Murbe.       
The Guy H Fisher Family
The Murbe History ~

While serving his country during World War II, the
late Lloyd Berle Fisher saw Boxers working in action
and knew he had to have one upon his return to the
States.  Mr. Fisher (Berle) bought his first pair of
Boxers shortly after his return.  A few years later,
after marrying Muriel, they formed Murbe Boxers.  
Today, over fifty years later, his son Guy, along with
his children, are still going strong with their beloved

Over these fifty years, the Fishers have been firmly
committed to breeding healthy boxers, first and
foremost.  All dogs being bred today must be OFA
certified in hips, elbows, heart and thyroid.
The Past~

As a member of the Professional Handlers Association (PHA), the AKC Registered Handlers Program, and the Dog Handlers
Guild (DHG), Guy H. Fisher had enjoyed a successful handling career highlighted in part by the campaigns of several of the
top dogs in their respective breeds and numerous Best in Show wins.  He also became a licensed AKC Judge of Junior
Showmanship. Guy continued the Murbe Tradition with the help of his children, Taylor, Jacklyn, Joshua and Samantha.  
Participating in the Jr. Handlers Program, as well as assisting Guy, had instilled a love of the sport into the whole Fisher
family.  Guy handled and finished championships on all of the recognized AKC breeds and has had top twenty contenders
in many of them.  While much of the breeding focus at Murbe is on Boxers, the Fishers owned multiple breeds and
enjoyed helping clients make educated breeding decisions which help advance their respective breeding programs.  
Murbe Kennels
Customer Testimonials:

We met Berle and Murial
Fisher in late 1983 while
looking for a stud for our
bitch. This breeding referral
from our Vet, has turned
into a thirty year friendship
with the family and has
resulted in a wealth of
information for the care of
our Boxers. Berle was one of
those characters you meet in
life that you don't soon
forget; two words that
come to mind are honesty
and integrity. Murial had that
special soft touch when it
came to children and animals,
and what a work ethic she
had. These two wonderful
people took us into their
family and shared with us
their vast knowledge in the
raising and showing of
Champion Boxers.  Guy Fisher
has that same character, the
nut did not fall far from the
tree. He has the hard work
ethic of his Mother, along
with the honesty and
integrity of Berle. Add to
that the help of his four
talented children and it
makes for a great
combination of tradition and
care of your dogs at Murbe
Boxers. We will go no where
else when it comes to our
dogs and highly recommend
using their kennel when you
want your dogs taken care
of better than you do

-Charles & Barb Wesch, Chews
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The Present~