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The Fisher Family
11293 Dunnigan Rd., Emmett, MI 48022
Crow is the result of a Teagan (CH Paramount's Boogie Nights, SOM) linebreeding.  Crows sire is our Mooch and his
mother is May-Ewe. Crow has decades of Murbe breeding on both sides of his pedigree and studying his lineage will
uncover some of the best breeding you will find.  Crow has beautiful angle and is a great moving dog.  His
exceptional quality and substance are no accident and his bite is second to none.  He was named in honor of Berle
Fisher, who enjoyed the company of a crow on his window sill for many years.  The crow symbolizes wisdom in
Native American culture and that description seemed to fit this puppy all too well.  He is an extremely intelligent dog
and is a testament to the temperament and quality we strive to produce at Murbe Boxers.  Crow finished his
championship well before two years of age. Crow has sired his first litter and is now available to approved, health
tested bitches.
CH Murbe Chew The Crow
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