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11293 Dunnigan Rd., Emmett, MI 48022
J.J. is another one of the littermates from our May-Ewe X Bosco breeding.  This cross gave us four great individuals
and J.J. is no exception.  He has a phenomenal head piece and a beautiful wither and topline.  We are very excited
about the future of this young dog and hope to use him to cross back onto some of our bitches down the road.  
J.J. completed his championship under the guidance of our friends Jimmy and Wendy Bettis of California.  He is the
fourth champion from his mother's litter sired by GCH Duba Dae's Who's Your Daddy and the third in that litter to
finish with three majors.  J.J. has produced several gorgeous litters and is available to approved health tested bitches.
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