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Canine Massage at Murbe Kennels - Restoring your loved ones to
their best.

Its an exciting time at Murbe as we partner with Two Hand Four Legs Massage to offer our
boarders and clients a very special opportunity for their canine companions.

We are thankful that Animal Massage Therapist, Katy DiPirro, has come on board at Murbe and
made it possible for us to offer yet another valuable service for your dog.  In an effort to better
serve our customers we have included this beneficial therapy at our Kennel location.  Please
continue reading for more information.
Upcoming Puppies
Canine Massage
The benefits of Canine Massage Include:

  • Enhances pet awareness

  • Gains acceptance of touch, especially paws

  • Comforts tired muscles

  • Relieves pain

  • Increases circulation

  • Strengthens the body

  • Maintains and restores flexibility and greater range of motion

  • Helps to metabolize food

  • Aides with sleep difficulties
Two Hands Four Legs Animal Massage is available at multiple locations, including Murbe Kennels.

Appointments can be scheduled directly with Katy DiPirro:
810-417-1707 or twohandsfourlegs@gmail.com
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