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11293 Dunnigan Rd., Emmett, MI 48022
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Murbe Boxers & Boarding Kennels
The Fisher Family
11293 Dunnigan Rd., Emmett, MI 48022
Please call Christy at 269-330-6355 or Janet at
Email us at to check our
kennel availability or to make a Reservation
A View of one of the Kennel Building at
Murbe Kennels.
Aerial view of Murbe Kennels.
Our outdoor runs are covered for protection
from the elements.
Look for the Murbe sign along Dunnigan Road.
A clean, safe environment for your pet or
show dog.
Kennels are maintained at a comfortable 72
degrees year round.
An outside view of the kennel office.
An outside view of the larger kennel building
at Murbe Boarding Kennels.
We offer full service bathing and grooming
A view of the inside of the kennel office.
Another view of the kennels and runs.
Runs are washed multiple times a day to
ensure your pet has a clean and safe
environment during their stay.
At left are our transition/exercise runs for
dogs requiring special needs or attention.
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**The kennel is now run and managed by Christy Collins, assisted by Janet Jackson. She
has been a great addition to our team. We are very excited to have her on board with
To book a date at the Kennel please call Christy directly at 269-330-6355 or Janet at
269-330-3853. Or email
We vow to make Murbe Kennels your dog's favorite place to be.  Our boarders love it here and we strive to make every
aspect of their stay as comfortable as possible.  We feed high quality foods and offer daily grooming and care packages
for your companion or show dog.  Everything from general obedience training to show grooming is available at Murbe.  
Feel free to contact us regarding special services.