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11293 Dunnigan Rd, Emmett, MI 48022
"Puppies are the heartbeats at our feet."

Occasionally we will have a breeding or litter announcement posted here. We may also list here any
litters sired by our stud dogs to outside females.
Upcoming Puppies
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*Litter Annoucements*
We proudly Microchip all
puppies produced at Murbe
with AKC Reunite! More
information can be found
All sires and dams here at Murbe are DNA
registered with AKC before being bred to
protect the integrity of all puppies. Also, all
breeding stock must complete their
health testing.
*Our Great Dane puppies have arrived!! Stella's litter of 8
beautiful Dane pups arrived 6-14-2015. Please see for more details.

*A breeding has taken place between JJ & Rose. Potential
litter due mid August.

*A breeding has taken place between Merlin (Pryde N Pro's
Wait for the Magic) & Nixy. Potential litter due end of

Please check back during the month of July for updates on
the potential future Boxer litters once pregancies are

Puppy inquiries or questions to Diana at or call 810-417-0469.